About Ubuntu Media Productions

logo blue copyUbuntu Media Production is a mission driven photography and film production company using media as a tool to share the stories of individuals and organizations not seen in the mass media and to create an opportunity to highlight powerful work within our communities.  For years we have worked with various grassroots organizations, non-profits, and small businesses to tell their stories and build power for those fighting to create positive change in our world.  Ubuntu Media Productions builds on our vast network every day and are always looking for new partners to work with on a project.

Ubuntu is a South African term that embodies humanity toward others,” and is also used as a way of life to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.  We are all connected and by sharing the stories of the intersection of racial, economic, and environmental justice we at Ubuntu Media Productions hope to build stronger connections amongst all people to create positive social change.  We focus on partnering with people of color and with communities directly affected by social issues we document.  We also offer youth media workshops and communications strategizing consultation with individuals and organizations.


Ryan Stopera is a photographer, videographer, social worker, community organizer,and educator.  He has worked in direct social services and grassroots community organizing for over 10 years.  This privilege has allowed Ryan to build a vast amount of relationships and experiences constructing a deep analysis of the social issues our communities face today.  During the Occupy Wall Street movement, Ryan produced a video sharing the story of five homeowners in foreclosure with Bank of America. The video, which included the cell phone number of Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, asked the nation to call and demand he negotiate with the homeowners who were victims of the mortgage crisis. By the second day of the video going viral executives from the office of the CEO contacted each of the homeowners to help them negotiate their foreclosure and avoid homelessness. He recognized the power of media as a tool to create powerful narratives that can be used to create social change.


Adja Gildersleve is a videographer, educator, organizer, consultant and anti-racism / anti-oppression facilitator and trainer with more than 8 years of experience. She has several years of experience working with diverse communities in the field of media, education, and local government. After completing two years of National Service, Adja entered into the nonprofit world and has been building strong relationships in the network over the last four years in the Twin Cities. As a Digital Equity Specialist with the City of Minneapolis, Adja played a major role in shaping and developing equitable strategies internally at the City. She is deeply passionate about social justice and empowering youth and adults to access tools to share their powerful stories.